Monday 27th February

Personal Connections

Find three people to interview. Ask each person the following questions:

1. What are you a member of?
2. What happens in these groups?
3. What are your responsibilities within these groups?
4. How would you define the term 'a community'? (What does community mean?)

When you have collected this information record:
1. What similarities and connections between responses do you notice?
2. What have you learned from asking the questions?

Record who you are interviewing and the interviewees responses on paper in a way that makes sense to you. You can email this to me:

Bring your information in to share on Monday 5th March.

Tuesday 6th March
Personal Connections/ Learning Log

1. Visit the ''Kantone and Gemeinden'' page.
2. Visit the linked pages and find out which Canton and Gemeinde you live in.
3. Complete the Canton and Gemeinde survey.

4. In your Learning Log make a concept map to show all the SERVICES your Gemeinde (or Canton) provides its community with and the NEEDS you think it meets.
You should connect the services and needs. Think how you should group and label your ideas.